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"Vita Flax" Organic GOLDEN Flax Meal,

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Bionatures Vita Flax line is sourced only from Glanbia Nutrition. When it comes to flaxseed, nobody can compete with the quality or nutritional value found in our MeadowPure® line of flaxseed.


MeadowPure® Process

MeadowPure is a patented seed selection and cleaning process found exclusively at Glanbia Nutritionals. First, we work with contract farmers to select flaxseed that's superior in color, uniformity, and flavor. The seeds are then processed using proprietary patented technology that protects the integrity of the flaxseed during all stages of production. The result is a superior flaxseed that remains stable under a wide variety of food processing, distribution and handling conditions for up to two years after the milling of the seed. The full nutritional value of flaxseed is delivered where it's intended—in the food products that reach consumers.

For a comprehensive online database of research studies on the human health benefits of flaxseed, visit the Flax Council of Canada. 

Lignans and Breast Cancer

Michael Greger M.D. is a physician and New York Times bestselling author who scours the world's nutrition research to bring you free daily videos and articles. All proceeds from his books, DVDs, and speaking go to charity.

Watch the following videos produced by Dr. Greger to learn why every woman should be adding Vita Flax meal to their diet every day;


Vita-Flax Golden is sourced from the very finest golden flaxseeds "shaved" fresh using the patented Meadowpure process and packed fast to maintain its wholesome goodness.

Directions / Usage

As a dietary supplement, mix a teaspoon or two into juice or sprinkle on your favorite cereal or salads for amazing nutrition. Flax Seed Meal has a robust nutty flavor.

Approx. 1/2 Month Supply  

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